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Watch out: GTA Online's most reviled griefmobile is cheap this week

The Oppressor Mk II, coming to a sky near you

On the highways and flyways of GTA Online, no vehicle more clearly flags a player as a potential dickhead than the Oppressor Mk II. This jet-powered hoverbike can whizz round streets, fly high over the city, and rain homing missiles, making it a top pick for the sort of wrong'un who wants to grief everyone. Bad news, gang: the Oppressor Mk II has a 30% discount this week, meaning we'll be seeing more of them over Los Santos. Brace yourself.

If you've not played GTA Online in a while, yep, it really does have futuristic jetbikes now. Introduced with the After Hours update in July 2018 (the one adding nightclubs), the Oppressor Mk II is the beefy kid brother of another skybike. But while the original Oppressor was a motorbike with the ability to boost and glide, the Mk II just plain hovers - and is easier to fly than most aircraft. Because it's technically a motorbike, it's easy to have it delivered straight to you too. And its homing missiles have better tracking than most in the game. In short, it's GTA Online's best all-rounder vehicle. It's great for grinding through PvE missions with ease but... also great for griefing.

The sight of an Oppressor icon on the minimap strikes fear in the heart of anyone trying to run cargo. Odds are good it'll rocket over towards you, pop your precious deliveries in a single salvo, then hang around to continue spawnkilling you. They're not unstoppable but they do let one player have a disproportionate effect on the whole server. It's the vehicle for tryhards, scrubs, and griefers, as this salty video guide explains:

So here we go, the Oppressor Mk II is on sale again with the weekly round of discounts until next Thursday. It has a 30% discount and Twitch Prime members can get an extra 10% too, bringing it down as low as $1,755,000 if you run a few missions to get the trade price. That's a steal for a vehicle that can dominate anything you do in the open world. Especially considering Rockstar have given away more money than that recently.

I have grown wary, fearful of flocks of Oppressors flying over Los Santos. But! As many new Oppressor owners have discovered, the threat is somewhat delayed. It comes with machineguns by default, see, and to buy the missile upgrade you need both a nightclub and the Terrorbyte truck with the workshop. The mechanical murmuration is defanged. They can still cause trouble and may one day grow missiles, but for now they actually need to aim.

This week's bonus payouts are based around motorcycles. Motorbike clubs have triple cash and RP rewards on Business Battles, and the Tron lightbike battle mode Deadline has triple rewards too. Deadline's bike, the Nagasaki Shotaro, could also be yours for free with a lucky spin on the prize wheel at the casino.

GTA Online doesn't need jetbikes with homing missiles to cause mayhem, mind. The Formula One-style races added in February are a guaranteed bloodbath even without guns. I've still not had a good, clean race without a pile-up at the first corner and griefers driving the wrong way to ram people. Murder.

Disclosure: I have some pals at Rockstar. It's near-inevitable when living in Edinburgh. They're everywhere, I tell you.

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