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Wattam's non-stop wobble party hits PC next month

Oh poop

Winter's hit like a brick this year, and it's about time we were owed a little sunshine. It warms the heart, then, to discover that joyous friend 'em up Wattam was given a release date earlier today. Arriving in the grim heart of December, mere days after the country plunges into a miserable election, I think we'll all need some time to go morris dancing with an ice cream cone.

Publisher Annapurna announced the news alongside a drizzly new trailer. Does it enlighten us to how Wattam will play? Of course not. Does it take a delightful golden dump on a poor green cube? Well, dear reader, I'll let you find out for yourself.

That didn't say much, did it? Thankfully, there's an earlier gameplay trailer to peep your eyes on, wherein a crowd of living poo demands to be exploded. Sure, game.

Reconnecting a fractured population over a world gone dark all sounds a bit Death Stranding, but there's nary a Mads Mikkelson in sight. Wattam is a "dream-like sandbox adventure" from the mindscapes of Katamari Damacy director Keita Takahashi and Luna developers Funomena. You'll be bringing the world together by befriending goofball strangers across delightfully absurd environments.

Either alone or with a pal, you'll get to explore a strange and colourful world full of fruit, ice cream, and living turds to befriend. There are puzzles to solve and secrets to unlock, sure, but Wattam is a toy. It's just as keen on letting you play about with different interactions, seeing how the various denizens of the land interact with each other and putting together a big daft party.

It looks utterly charming, with an unstoppably cheery soundtrack filling out the show. It can't dislodge Katamari Damacy's main theme from the back of my head, though. Nothing ever will.

Wattam wobbles onto the Epic Games Store on December 17th for £14/$17. It'll also hit Steam, eventually. Roughly a year, I reckon. Epic exclusivity, innit?

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