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We Were Here Together makes the co-op puzzler series a trilogy next year

Get down with the clown

Go dig in the Antarctic, they said. See the sights, they said - all there is down here is a cursed castle and a creepy clown. Announced today and due out in early 2019, We Were Here Together is the third in Total Mayhem Games's We Were Here series of first person co-op puzzlers.

Played online, two players explore a frozen, lost castle, separated and armed with nothing but a crackling radio. There's puzzles to solve, mysteries to unearth, and fuzzy-trimmed boots to be worn.  This one prominently features a mad alchemist-turned-jester (transmutation in action) in its debut trailer below.

If you've played either of the original We Were Here games, this one looks like more of the same distinctive formula. If you haven't, the first game was free, and you can find it down in the links below. You and your buddy aren't going to be seeing each other very often down in Castle Rock, so you're going to be keeping each other company via radio. You'll also need to relay codes to locked rooms, instructions to solve puzzles and other info to progress. Communication skills are everything in these games, and reflexes are seldom required.

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This one sounds to be a bit longer than the earlier games, thanks to starting out on the frozen surface before going totally goth and underground (as all moody researchers do), but if the first two games are any indication, there should be some replay value. Earlier games offered multiple endings based on how thoroughly you solved its puzzles, but it was always worth another run with the roles reversed, as each player has their own set of environments and problems to navigate. It's all a bit like playing a digital escape room with a friend - an experience almost unique to this series.

The original and free We Were Here can be found on Steam here. The sequel - We Were Here Too - is available on Steam and Humble, and costs £7.19/€10/$10. The upcoming We Were Here Together has a Steam page here and is launching in early 2019. You will need one friend, one internet connection and (optionally) one mug of hot cocoa with with little marshmallows in.

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