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We Were Here Together launches with some chilling cooperative brainteasers

Wait, where were we?

Grab your favourite co-op pal, your walkie-talkies, and your warmest coats and mittens to head back into a chilly castle for more cooperative puzzle-solving. Total Mayhem Games this week launched We Were Here Together, the third game in their first-person puzzler series after We Were Here and We Were Here Too. Once again, you and your pal will be split up and faced with puzzles you need the other's help and information to solve.

I haven't been here before, mind, but this trailer makes it all look quite cosy. Gosh, it's been getting cold lately. Those cute little jackets look delightfully comfortable.

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The wilderness is much wider this time around, bringing the adventure outside the walls of chilly old Castle Rock and letting you spend more time together with a puzzling companion. Much of your time will be spent utterly isolated from each other outside of those radios, so you'd better settle in for some cool conversation with your companion. You'll be reading out codes, describing room layouts, and attempting to deliver solutions to a puzzle you can't quite see yourself. Fantastic, if you and your partner are the sorta folks who love bashing heads against a problem.

If you've got a willing companion to dive into some digital escape rooms with, We Were Here Together is out now on Steam for £10/€12/$12. The original We Were Here is still free on Steam.

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