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Weather warning: Steam's winter sale comes storming in

Winter is coming (to take your $$$)

Batten down the wallet hatches, stow the pounds below deck, eat the fivers - barely a month after the closing of the Autumn sale and its awards, the Winter sale has descended on Steam like a terrible maelstrom, demanding tithes and sacrifices, disappearing all who stand in its way and eating their hearts. I don't know where this metaphor is going. The sale is either a storm or an Aztec god. Make up your own mind.

It's running from today until January 2. We kind of already knew this was coming, thanks to a sneaky peeky tweety from PayPal earlier in the week but our forecasts could predict no more. Some eye-catching picks include Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for £13.19, Just Cause 3 for £9.99, Invisible Inc for £4.49, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for £1.64, and Stellaris for £16.79. I'd slap out some more suggestions but the service is currently overwhelmed, slow and unresponsive, making it hard to see or buy anything. It is probably wise to wait until that calms down before buying.

I was also going to mention that Humble Store have their own DRM free holiday sale but they've stopped their cheapo offers today. It looks like the internet can only handle one Aztec moneystorm at a time, and even then it barely manages that.

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