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What are we all playing this post-E3 weekend?


Games, as the saying goes, happened. The Electronic Entertainment Expo has closed for another year, the convention hall left in ruins with mounds of charred promotional t-shirts still smoking. Come home, Brendan. Come home, Matt. You done good. We turn our gaze from the smouldering future back to the present.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

I don't know if I'll be playing anything this weekend, to be honest, I'm just going to lie on the floor, face down and exhausted. I suppose I'll probably chip away at Outer Wilds while I'm doing that, but it will be hard because I won't be able to see the screen on account of my nose being on the fake wood floor tiles.

Alice L

This weekend I'll be playing Rime. I finished playing Hellblade last weekend and oh boy what a ride that was. I loved it though, sure I was absolutely terrified and anxious and on edge and tense for pretty much the entire game, but WHAT A GAME. Rime is a cute little puzzle solver and much better for my Sunday evening chills.

Alice O

I moved flat in the middle of E3 week (have I mentioned I moved flat in the middle of E3 week? seems likely I'd mention moving during E3) so I'm currently surrounded by bags and boxes barely containing everything I own. As well as unpacking eating my time, I don't have Internet hooked up yet so anything I play needs to be offline or accepting of an awful tethered phone connection. Yeah, it'll end up being games like "Where's That Cable?" and "Phone Queue Singalong."


Brendan's sterling E3 efforts have earned him the right to curl up and die.


I will not be gaming this weekend because:
1. My PC is once again broken - getting the same bios based issue. I reckon my motherboard's had it...
2. I'll be doing boring house-based things as we foolishly try to sell it


I started playing Katana Zero this week, a side-scrolling platformer about swiftly chopping up enemies as a ninja in a story that's taking a lot of cues from Hotline Miami. It's good! I am very close to its ending, I think, and so will finish it this weekend. Maybe I'll write a proper review of it next week.


I paid a pound to get a month of Xbox Game Pass for PC this week, and man alive there's so much great stuff on there! I could be playing anything from Slay the Spire, Surviving Mars, The Messenger, Shenmue I and II, West of Loathing, Valkyria Chronicles, Wandersong, Ruiner, The Stillness of the Wind, Battle Chasers: Nightwar AND The Turing Test. For a pound! Now where's that box of Xbox swag I was promised...?


Matt too has permission to sleep on planes, trains, buses, and frankly the middle of the high street if the mood strikes him.


I'm playing the free Borderlands 2 DLC that bridges this game to the upcoming sequel. Handily, it lets you jump in with a character boosted to level 30 - my Xbox 360 save file is long since lost to the mists of time. As Matt said in his recent Borderlands 3 preview, it sure is a Borderlands game. But I've no problem with that - I like the world and I like pain numbers popping out of bandits.


Nathaniel has been fired for his inability to distinguish between Alices.


Well, after being sucked through the giant green portal that is the Xbox Game Pass for PC, my list of playable games has suddenly increased by a good 100 or so entries. Top of the list at the moment is Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun, which I've heard good things about for years but never actually tried. I've now completed the first mission, and oh man, this takes me right back to my Commandos 2 days. I'm loving every second.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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