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What are we all playing this weekend?


We're about to enter a confusing fortnight. Americans: change your clocks this weekend. UKanians: wait no don't change your clocks yet. For two weeks, our time difference will be shorter. Or longer. It... will have sprung forward? So shorter. Longer. Shorter. Good luck to everyone else whose work involves communicating across international timezones. Best show up to every meeting an hour early, just in case.

Alice Bee
I'm on my holidays next week (my plans include reading the books of the fictional TV detective/author Richard Castle, which Graham recently told me exist in the real world now) but I suppose I should see why everyone is going on about Loop Hero.

While I continue the real-life roguelikelike of fixing a neglected bike with endless procedurally-generated problems (the latest surprise boss battle is replacing hydraulic brake fluid after an incident while replacing hub bearings), I'm rolling the reels of Luck Be A Landlord. I've had wins with easy combos like Flowers + Suns but want to get some with the jankier, unlikelier combos.

is away!

It'll be more Divinity: Original Sin II for me, as I turn my enemies into chickens and accidentally click the dialogue options which scream "FIGHT". Otherwise, I'll slowly level my character, "Shadow Hulk", in Final Fantasy XIV. I have an unending number of small critters to hit and EXP to collect.

Star Renegades

Forza Horizon 4 came out on Steam this week, and so I've re-installed the silly, joyful racing game and fancy seeking out some barn finds. I've also installed Star Renegades, a strategy-RPG that I'm hoping might be the right balance of chill and involving that I can play it while watching terrible detective shows.

is also away!

Everyone's talking about this Loop Hero thing, so I'll probably give it a shot this weekend. I'm also always down for Warzone, since Ed and I have been on our Warzone Audio Bang hype and got two wins in a row the other night. It's a well-oiled machine.

I never actually got round to finishing Olija last weekend. I started playing the lovely Signs Of The Sojourner instead, so I will probably be playing a combination of the two and hopefully finish at least one of them in the process. Fingers crossed!

This weekend, I reckon I'll have a poke and see what's come out in terms of community-made maps for Strongman: Warfilms, as the game's campaigns were over all too quickly for my appetite. After that, depends on my whims - I keep meaning to get into Hades, so maybe this will be the weekend for that.

is away too!

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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