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What are we all playing this weekend?


Hullo there! I'm back after a few months away, during which I swam and cycled and hiked and did not really go near a computer. This leaves me woefully out of touch, so honestly you'll be doing me a favour if you tell me: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Alice Bee
Honestly, I might not have time to get much guh-guh-guh-gaming in this weekend, but if I do I'm probably going to dip into the Diablo II: Resurrected open beta. Diablo II in its original incarnation was the first RPG I ever played - one of the first games I played full stop, in fact. I'd quite like to see what they've done with the place, I spose.

I need to feed Zavala all my Vanguard Tokens in Destiny 2 before they expire, but I tried to play last week and it's been so long since I played a game that my eyes hurt? Do games always feel like this? Maybe having to analyse dangers while descending Highland single track roads at 30mph have made my eyes superpowered and I can no longer be fooled by the illusion of movement across distinct frames. Yeah, let's say that. Probably should do something about that mousepad too.

Watch on YouTube

The majority of my weekend will likely revolve around the expected return of Phil Brooks to the graps. You're reading this on Saturday, so HOORAY, HE'S BACK / I can't believe TK didn't deliver. Go with whatever fits. Anyway, there's been a bit of buzz around that Dodgeball Academia over the last week, so my plan is to try and make time for that. I know it looks sort of like Windjammers, and it's also an RPG. And that's it. But, that's also enough for me to give it a look.

is so busy that I pity him.

This weekend I will be dating swords in Boyfriend Dungeon and falling for a k-pop idol (though mostly love him because he can turn into a lightsabre). I also picked up Sunless Skies for the first time recently and I can't believe I slept on it for this long. I've already gone through like five captains, but it's just so much fun to explore all these horrific sky ports.

Is this your boyfriend?

I'm away at a family wedding today, so the only game I'll be playing this weekend is 'how much cake can Katharine eat without making herself feel horribly sick?' I'm usually pretty sensible about this sort of thing, but I've also been trying to stuff myself into the dress I'm going to wear for the last few weeks, so you never know, maybe this will *finally* be the time I hit a new high score and tip myself over the edge into cake vom paradise. I'll let you know on Monday.

is ???

I've been having a wild time playing Humankind, declaring unjust wars to seize nearby land and expand across the map like the violent, inexorable slime I am. I think my early aggression might have paid off, but it's also soured my relations with those empires who don't relish their neighbours stabbing them in the back. I'm very interested to see how the next 50 or so turns will play out - which is just about the highest praise I can give a turn-based 4X game.

Packing for my house move has now commenced in earnest, and I will count myself lucky if I even get the chance to quickly check in on my Animal Crossing island this weekend.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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