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What are we all playing this weekend?


I swear it was only Monday about two seconds ago. One of you is mucking around with the flow of time. Come on, 'fess up. Who is it? I need some of those hours back, please, or we'll never get anything done around here. And what's more, we won't have any time to play video games in between finalising seasonal food and gift plans.

Alice Bee
I'm going to lie face down on the sofa until the grids of Christmas schedule spreadsheets have disappeared from my eyes, and then after that I will go and play some more Wytchwood because it's very nice.

Alice0 is recovering from The Game Awards.

My plan is to bounce around a few games and see what sticks. Might try the new Warzone Pacific map or jump back into Eastward, a game I probably shouldn't have started because my backlog is enormous. Final Fantasy XIV also calls. I'm still stuck in a Realm Reborn, but I must push on.

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It dawned on me this week that Minecraft is a bit of a Christmas classic. Everyone frantically runs around looking for snacks while decorating their new house and occasionally chucking some logs on the fire. What could be more Christmassy than that? Sure, there aren’t usually that many zombies during the festive season, but you have to take some creative liberties, right? Well, with just two weeks to go until Christmas Day, I’m going to embrace the holiday spirit this weekend and explore some of those new caves and cliffs.

Aloy strikes a pose in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Imogen is recovering from The Game Awards.

Through a combination of newfound DLSS support and Forbidden West interest, I'm dangerously close to starting a fourth playthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Katharine is recovering from The Game Awards.

I'll be playing a good deal of Hunt: Showdown this weekend. We've decided to put a bit of a spin on things by selling all our weapons and equipment except for a single loadout, and then getting rid of all our Hunt Dollars, so we have basically no money with which to buy more loadouts for future hunters. Things have been pretty dicey for the first couple of games, as we've struggled to put together even the most basic loadouts for our Bounty Hunts. It's been great, and I'm excited for more. I encourage any Hunt players reading this to try it out next time you Prestige!

We all know how badly I want to play The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, because right now that's what I play every weekend. But I've been sick all week and can barely talk, and what is an Ace Attorney game if you're not doing all the voices? Only like 80% of the full experience is what. Sometimes I curse my love of games you have to read aloud.

See? Told you we were an empty nest. But you, dear reader, you sneaky little clock-changer, what are you playing this weekend?

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