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What are we all playing this weekend?


Summer has arrived and honestly, it's a bit much. If you can maintain your corporeal form this weekend, somehow not needing to melt into a bucket and recuperate, what are you playing? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I've got an accidental four day weekend coming up (not that you care, but a Green Day concert was rescheduled twice from 2020, the new date being on a Monday night, and when we found out we could cancel for a refund and not have to pay for a hotel or train tickets or get on a bus for an hour just to get to the bloody gig, we took the easy way out 'cos we'd both seen them before anyway). I'm going to sit in my favourite cafe and have soup, and a scone with cream and jam afterwards, and then maybe I'll finally finish Norco.

Neon White tells Neon Red and Neon Violet 'I think I get you... it's like how you can never be a tre gamer if you only ever play on easy mode' in a Neon White screenshot.
White, we need to talk.

In Neon White I've gone back through and bumped every medal so far up to at least Ace, and collected all the hidden gifts, and beat all my friends' times, so I'm finally ready to start making forwards progress again. I have sometimes wished it, like AudioSurf, could e-mail me when a pal beat my best time on a level. It's probably good for me that it can't.

I'm visiting family out of town this weekend so I might not get much time for playing games, but I'll try to squeeze some in. Having kids means I've a back catalogue the size of Olympus Mons, so there's plenty to choose from. Outriders' Worldslayer expansion is out next week, and I'm mildly intrigued by the roguelikeyness of that, so I'm going to bring my laptop along and dive into the base game properly first. Other than that? Ice creams, deck chairs and donkey rides along a probably very busy British beach.

I'm dipping my toe back into Elden Ring. I'm trying to crack my way into this Shaded Castle and there's this horrible man with daggers blocking my way. And for whatever reason, I've got this urge to pick up Assassin's Creed: Valhalla on the PS5, when I definitely don't need another 500-hour game.

I recently got GTFO and started playing with a friend, and we aced the first mission with barely a scratch. We're going to do a few more rundowns this weekend and I reckon things can only go up from here. There's no need to be concerned about descending even further into the deep, dark pit, right? I'm sure it's perfectly safe.

I finished Sniper Elite 5 earlier this week but definitely don't feel "done" with it. One thing I haven't touched at all is the Dark Souls/Deathloop-style multiplayer mode, Invasion - partly because the goal is just to mess up other payers' campaign runs, and I worry it will create a what-you-are-in-the-dark situation where I discover what an overly competitive punk I really am.

is away.

This weekend it's all about multiplayer games for me, I reckon. Not only am I enjoying working my way through Fortnite's new battle pass, I've also become quite enamoured with The Cycle: Frontier. Ollie has been talking about it for weeks and after trying it for myself, I finally understand his enthusiasm. Creeping through the lush environments of Fortuna in a desperate attempt to find a single plant without being spotted by another player is brilliant stuff.

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I'm still mad into The Cycle: Frontier. We had an unfortunate session the other day where we lost a bunch of our best stuff to some hackers, which I spose is to be expected with a competitive free-to-play shooter. It still sucks. But it's a testament to how much I love the game that it hasn't even put a dent in my desire to just hop straight back in for another round.

I'm ferociously jumping on the Neon White speed wagon. I've been itching to play it since it released last week and the hype surrounding it has only made me more excited. If I manage to pull myself away from my demon-slaying rampage, plenty of games have left their Steam Next Fest demos live so I'll be diving headfirst into those. I want to replay the Cult Of The Lamb demo and check out Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats To Match-3 To, which looks gorgeous.

It feels like I'm one of those people who almost never gets around to actually finishing games. But somehow, like the proverbial buses, I've found myself quite near the end of three games all at once. Dare I sack off all adult responsibilities this weekend to finally complete The Quarry, Deathloop, and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles? Probably not, but for now I'm enjoying the fantasy of attempting it.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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