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What are we all playing this weekend?


Oh September is it? Of the year 2022? Pull the other one. Go on, fine, tell me what you're playing this weekend, though I assume that's lies too. Here's what we're ostensibly clicking on!

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Alice Bee
Immortals Fenyx Rising is on Game Pass now, and I have a soft spot for it about the same size as a football pitch, so I'm going to have a whip round it on the Xbox for a bit.

I had thought I was finding village-builder Farthest Frontier a bit boring, then I looked up and it was hours later, and I was rearranging my entire settlement to optimise routes and placement while fretting about starvation and oh yeah, yeah, this has got me.

The school summer holidays finish here this weekend, so I'll be spending as much time as possible building some lasting family memories with the kids before they go back to book learnin' and such. I'm still going to find time to give Immortality, Tinykin and Midnight Fight Express something of a go, and hopefully we'll get a chance to carry on playing Escape Academy.

is ???

After eight years of dabbling with the Destiny franchise, I tried my first raid this week. It was a disaster! We're planning to pick up from our current checkpoint over the weekend, but I imagine we'll just keep dying for a few hours before inevitably giving up again. Sounds like fun!

A colourful mess of screen-obscuring explosions in a Vampire Survivors screenshot.
My Vampire Survivors advice: try making so many explosions that you can't even see

I'm trying to learn Vampire Survivors on my Steam Deck. So far I've found the best strategy is to be randomly given the powerup that creates copies of all your projectiles, and if you don't get that, the second best is to get overwhelmed and die. Further research may help.

is away!

is away to Pax West!

Against all odds, during my holiday in the first half of this week I became rather enamoured with Genshin Impact. I think my time spent playing Tower Of Fantasy forced me to learn a lot of the weird nuances and mechanics of these kinds of games which I'd previously found overwhelming in Genshin. This weekend I'm hoping to finish off the final act of the Prologue and properly move on from the starting region of Monstadt. It's a big game, this. Lots to do. And not a penny spent so far.

is away to Pax West!

This post is going out on my birthday, which means that even as you read this, I'm in all likelihood sobbing profusely as my Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers line up around the island to say nice things about me.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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