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What are we all playing this weekend?


Welcome to the first weekend of autumn, gang! Scarves on necks, cocoa on stoves, leaves on ground. Chat about the weather might seem trite but what other conversation topic covers matters directly impacting your life today without risking causing a disagreement, years of simmering resentment, or a brawl? "What are you having for dinner?" is another good one, I think. Perhaps you'll find this advice helpful if you're attending EGX this weekend. Oh, I know another one: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
is on hols!

As you might guess from the iridescent praise in my Hyper Demon review, I am playing this surprise sequel to Devil Daggers. I'm still banging my face against the instadeath wall but slowly improving, and have been delighted when I come back the next evening to find parts which took conscious effort yesterday are now instinctual. I must kill god.

Trombone Champ for the entire weekend. I fully anticipate my neighbours calling the police. Seriously though, Gloomhaven is free on the Epic Games Store right now, so I'll be giving that a go at last. I'm hoping to get a chance to delve into Deathloop too.

I spent a lot of my hols time with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and it's been a while since I've played a game so rewarding. You're forever advancing towards some new - often ridiculously deep - system or a powerful cat boy to add to your ever-expanding roster. I just get the feeling this might creep into my "Bestest Games Ever" list if it keeps the momentum up.

Heading into the weekend, priority one is catching up on some sleep. Once I'm a little more rested, I'm going to hop back into Demon Souls on the PS5, which I started last week. When I inevitably get smashed into a bloody pulp by some massive boss, I'll head back to bed, grab a blanket, and cry about why that game is so brutal. Maybe I should just choose another game.

No time for games this weekend, sadly. Although, since I'm visiting Brighton - the home of RPS, in a legal sense - I may play a game of 'Graham Says', in which I fatten myself at as many Graham-recommended eateries as eight hours will allow.

Smashing through a wall in a House Flipper 2 screenshot.
Flipping out

I'm at EGX this weekend so I've been playing lots of cool new games already. I really enjoyed my demos of House Flipper 2 and Goat Simulator 3, and I'm hoping to swing by the Introversion stand to play The Last Starship before I head home. First, though, the 25th Anniversary GoldenEye panel What a treat.

is at EGX!

Yesterday I discovered that a game called Omega Strikers exists. It's like air hockey, with heroes and abilities. It released earlier this week, and it's free to play. It's like one of my favourite games of all time, Steel Circus, which tragically flopped and lost its playerbase before it got going. I played some Omega Strikers yesterday and it seems pretty good so far! Very chaotic and silly, but also lots of room for skill-based plays between teammates. Me likey.

I’m pretty busy this weekend but I will no doubt make time for some slime wrangling in Slime Rancher 2 which just came out in early access. I loved the first Slime Rancher so am pretty hyped for this sequel, although together with the Ooblets 1.0 release and Disney Dreamlight Valley, I’m all life-simmed out. Not to mention Hokko Life releases next week, aaaaaaaa.

Friday was my first EGX in four years, not to mention my first one attended as staff (my mum is very proud), so this weekend I expect I'll be playing a little game called "recovering from my first convention since the start of the pandemic". As someone who's had only occasional cautious contact with the wider world since March 2020 I'm anticipating being a little drained, to be honest. I'd love to claim some exciting plans for afterwards, but chilling out with go-to comfort games like Animal Crossing and Ace Attorney seems more realistic.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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