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What are we all playing this weekend?


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Well hello again, you. That was supposed to be nice but I sound like him off of You. It's unreasonably muggy where I am, which is a type of weather I'm not built for. I'm not built for rain or snow or sunshine either, to be fair - and if you're like me you could maybe have a crack at Wood And Weather's free demo on Steam this weekend, a game where you can change the weather to whatever you want. It's very sweet. I like games where it's like you're smashing lovely toys together. I've already played that, though, I'm telling you that maybe you'll like it. Oh, you want to know what we're playing this weekend?

Alice Bee
I'm revisiting Gloomwood now that they've put a hopefully more substantial amount of game in the game. I'm better at it now too! I know how to use my inventory and also am more bold with the stabbing and shooting. Still not good at imm sims, but hey, a girl is learning and growing.

is away.

I'm not about much this weekend, as I'm away seeing a mate for a nice countryside walk, bit of pub, and Oppenheimer. Liam also really wants me to actually start Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, so I'm finally going to see what the fuss is all about. Can't wait to stick a fan on some logs and put "Mechanical Engineer" on my CV.

I've got my first D&D game in a while this weekend, as me and my pals are hopping back into our Curse Of Strahd campaign to, ya know, kill Strahd. That means I'm back in the shoes of Stumbleduck, my old wizard Gnome who previously made a demonic pact, ascended to godhood, and then was promptly killed by the party. He was revived, albeit without the god powers, and honestly I think he just wants them back? I also plan to finally watch Nimona on Netflix, and I'll probably keep grinding away with my new Diablo 4 seasonal character as well.

When it's not crashing, I'm well into Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. I've been having to blast through the early levels for benchmarking purposes but am looking forward to slowing down, appreciating the sci-fi scenery, and levelling up the grenades that turn enemies into topiary. Not a euphemism! Dozens of transmogrified shrubs lie dead by my hand.

I'm once again away from my PC this weekend, this time visiting both sets of families (for my sins), so the main game I'll be playing is avoiding all the traffic jams as I drive cross-country. I will be taking my Steam Deck with me this time, though, to hopefully squeeze in a teeny bit of gaming time, and my eyes are set squarely on my good friend Dave The Diver. It's very, very moreish.

Edders and I started playing Remnant 2 this week, and I'm pleased to report it receives the highest accolade two men in their early thirties are able to bestow upon a video game: It provides a nice time with a pal. So far we've shot some Victorian blokes in the head with rifles and have chased an urchin through a grimy street. I can't wait to play more.

I'm still up to my neck in the briny quagmires of the Bayou in Hunt: Showdown. Last couple games we had were legendary tales of survival against all odds, dropping multiple times down to just one person on the team before using clever tactics and timing to revive teammates and get back into the fight. The rainy maps have also been worked into the standard game mode now, which makes me a very happy boy.

It’s my last WAWAP! I’m going to be tacklingBanished Vault, which seems challenging but looks so visually lavish I can’t help but be coaxed to play it. Katharine played it recently and very much enjoyed it (her review should be out sometime soon), so I'm hoping it’s my kinda jam too. Also “interstellar gothic monastery” is just a really cool string of words.

I'm off work for a week of family events, so I'm taking my 3DS with me to continue the playthrough of Detective Pikachu I started in Greece. I've also been thinking it's high time I carried on with my latest pet franchise by playing Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls next, but have been suddenly sidetracked by A Space For The Unbound, so now I'm not sure. Plus I need to choose a mystery/puzzle game for my dad's birthday… frustratingly we're too early for this year's double-bill of new Poirot games, but I think he'd love Murder By Numbers.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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