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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

An illustration of people skiing downhill through a forest.
Image credit: Finland in the Nineteenth Century: by Finnish authors. Illustrated by Finnish artists.

I am eagerly watching the weather forecast in hope of good snow. I've got hills bookmarked from Tweedbank to Aviemore and by god, if snow falls near a train line and some trees, I'll be right out there. And possibly stuck out there when the trains are cancelled. This winter has so far been miserable rather than cruel, and I crave the cruelty. Cleansing cruelty. Next week, I think next week will bring cruelty. Until then, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I'm actually not sure what I'll play this weekend! I have a lot of Nancy Drew games to get through, though. So I'll probably at least make a decent start on the third game, Message In A Haunted Mansion. It loses points for not having a pun name, but gains points for continuing the theme of Nancy getting involved in crimes via a friend of a friend who is just, like, happy to have a 19-year-old investigate, I guess? In this one she's in a mid-refurb hotel, and I loaded it up only to find navigating the hotel terrifying. All hotel hallways look the same even when they're not in a decades-old point and click game.

Honestly, having not really dug Reigns: Three Kingdoms after playing it on PC, I might give it a go on my phone? It feels a better fit for casually swiping left and right while slumped on the sofa in front of the telly.

No change here. Still lapping up a game about the Japanese criminal underworld set in a particularly sunny location.

This weekend I'm going to dip into PlanetSide 2 for a bit of research, and also the recently launched War Hospital (Steam link here), unless it gets me down, in which case I'll try to find my 3DS charger and play a bit more Etrian Odyssey. Non-gaming plans include catching up with the Netflix anime Delicious In Dungeon, which is a jolly odyssey about cooking up monster gizzards, and if the weather's all right, going for a walk in Hyde Park.

If I'm lucky I might just be able to squeeze into the last few hours of the current Tribes 3: Rivals playtest. Failing that, I have a demo of spacey racer XF Extreme Formula that's also been sating my desire to go, just, really really fast, all the time.

This weekend I am continuing to play Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown ahead of its upcoming release on the 18th. No, I'm not reviewing it, since Katharine already wrote an excellent piece speaking on all of its successes - nor am I writing guides for it, since honestly it's such a well-made and accessible game that it doesn't...really need guides, if that makes sense? Honestly, I'm just enjoying it as a most excellent Metroidvania that reminds me of everything I liked about the Sands Of Time trilogy meshed with Symphony Of The Night and the other Nintendo Castlevanias (always been more partial to those than Metroid, sorry Katharine). Those of you who loved those games and are still on the fence about the new PoP, please give it a try once it comes out. You won't be disappointed.

With Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown done and dusted, I want to try and properly finish FF7 Remake's Intergrade DLC now before my next review game arrives. Spoilers, I do also have one on the go, but there's enough time to have some fun times with Yuffie and co first, I reckon. Intergrade is only meant to be a shortie, after all, and as the FF7 Rebirth Xwitter account has been very keen to remind me this past week, there are now only seven weeks to go until Cloud's next adventure happens. Gotta get that DLC did!

I played Lethal Company for the first time yesterday. So, naturally, I'm desperate to get back to my ship and visit distant moons, all in service of the soulless corporation that's ever-hungry and demanding more scrap metal. If you can meet the impossible quota (of finding three friends to play with) it's a hilarious, terrifying experience that has a joyfully simple gameloop.

I may be playing Roboquest still, but my eyes are glazed over and my mind is elsewhere, in the desolate plains of Solium Infernum. The game we've got going on in the RPS treehouse is heating up already - and it's only turn 5. I spent a solid hour last night figuring out the best move to play. I didn't expect things to get so tactical so quickly, but then I only have myself to blame. I did hurl an insult at Katharine on turn 1, after all.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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