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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

An illustration of two Edwardian women standing hand-in-hand near a waterfall.
Image credit: The Works of G. J. Whyte-Melville

After saying last weekend that I was aching for the cruelty of snow, I found it. When weather warnings popped up this week, I tracked forecasts and cloud movements for hours before booking a day off work to chase potential snow. When I woke up, it looked bad. Forecasts had turned. Many areas expected to get dusted went untouched. But me, after six hours of walking over thin, old snow, the good stuff finally started to fall as I entered a wood and approached a waterfall. Pretty magic, really. It was so cold that snow settled on my shoulders and my hair froze. Perfect. That's what I craved. Anyway, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
I'm going to a knitting and crochet meetup in town that I organised, which I am both excited and nervous about, but hey ho. Around that, I'm finishing off the DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising, and I've got some more Nancy Drew to catch up on, while I listen to anti-MLM YouTubers.

Looking at the long list of games I've impulse-bought for a fiver and not yet played, uhhh how about this curious FPS, TECHNOPHOBIA: DO ANDROIDS GO TO HEAVEN? Can't resist a name like that.

Yet again, I'm continuing the theme of playing video games I can't really talk about. Soon I hope to be able to play something I can talk to you about, sorry! Otherwise I'm going to catch up on all The Traitors I've missed, it's very good stuff and I need to see Paul get what's coming to him.

is away!

An upcoming work project has me playing Apex Legends for the first time in months, with predictably poor results. Oh, what I'd give to be back in those glory days of 2019, where wins were plentiful, all my favourite guns hadn't been nerfed into sacks of loose bolts, and my friends actually wanted to play with me, like, ever. Time comes for us all, reader. Never forget that.

More Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown for me this weekend, but I'll also likely be firing up Elden Ring at some point. I didn't get around to playing it when it first came out, but as a member of the RPS Guides guardians, 'tis my duty to dig in before the Shadow Of The Erdtree expansion comes out!

The player rides on the back of a monster with a chaingun in Palworld.
Image credit: Pocketpair

For my sins, I will be playing more Palworld this weekend, even though I hate its guts and everything it stands for. I do think some of this thinking has been influenced by two plus decades of Pokémon playing, so I'm determined to try and give it as a fair shake as possible. I'm not wholly convinced there's much more to find or enjoy here based on early evidence, but we persist, for science, or something. Side note: I also have a fun review game on the go as well, so it won't all be misery and animal sweat shops this weekend, I promise.

This weekend I'll probably be diving into more Palworld, the new Pokémon-esque creature capture/survival crafting game. I've always loved survival crafting games and the way you can spend mindless hours hunting for one material to make another and so on. It's a kind of blissful busywork that soothes the soul. Due to this, I've actually been enjoying Palword and will probably spend a few more hours in it before coming to a final opinion.

Our Solium Infernum game is temporarily on hold due to some technical difficulties, so my mind this weekend will instead be taken up with visions of fast-moving robots zipping back and forth and sending exorbitant numbers of bullets into my eyeballs. I speak, of course, of Roboquest, which continues to be a very fun game to play during downtime with my brother. Even if those final rooms are the spawn of the Robot Devil himself.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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