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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

February's Steam Next Fest is still not here, though plenty of games have jumped the gun with demos to get extra attention. Goodness me. Before a second surge hits, what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee
This weekend I've a bunch of Steam Next Fest demos I want to give a try (Yet Another Fantasy Title, Exilium, I want to replay Mouthwashing with more of an eye for what's happening). But I picked up Escape From Mystwood Mansion when it was on sale so I'm stoked for a bit of 3D puzzles.

Annoyingly, the Next Fest demos I'm most interested in are not out yet. Or maybe I should be thankful for that. I still haven't finished Yakuza Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name and Infinite Wealth is already out, so I should get on that. Probably should understand why Sega forbid my dad from retiring. Poor old dad.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth innit. I'm working my way through members of the Discreet Four, levelling and optimising my roster of weirdos. I'll also be back on Baldur's Gate 3 as my friends and I cut a path through Act 2.

is away!

Children Of The Sun demo! Children Of The Sun demo! I want to sneak around cult outposts and shoot magic direction-changing bullets and look like I've been sleeping in a Blue Banana storeroom for eight weeks beforehand! Children Of The Sun demo!

I won't have much time to play games this weekend as I've got a bunch of errands to take care of with my wife and shall be surprisingly social in non-errand downtime. More specifically, I'll be going to a football match with the fellas - which I suppose is technically a game, but since my forte is in tabletop and electronic games rather than physical ones, I expect to be entirely confused at everything going on before me. I will try to imagine a tactical combat grid overlaid atop everything to help my brain translate the whole affair into CRPG terms; that usually helps.

I'll be diving back into Cobalt Core this weekend as part of February's Game Club - a very welcome respite from the ongoing dreadmarch of Palworld, to be sure (which will probably still feature somewhere on my weekend play slate, in fairness, but not hugely). I also want to give Granblue Fantasy: ReLink a go as well, now that it's out and hopefully not still crashing all over the shop, as that also looks like it will be very much my thing. Fingers crossed!

After yet another break to play other games (looking at you Palworld), I finally have some time to return to Baldur's Gate 3. At this point, it's laughable that I still haven't finished it but in my defense, I don't think anyone really anticipated how huge Palworld was going to be. So, this weekend I'm allowing myself a lovely little RPG interlude and will be putting a pause on shamelessly pocketing Pals.

I'm still deep in Enshrouded at the moment. We've got a family game going on at the moment where we mostly just spend our time building, and our village is looking extremely sweet so far. I'm also going to dip into a bunch of Steam Next Fest demos if I have time.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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