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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

An old black and white vintage illustration depicting a night scene showing a square filled with a ragged crowd of beggars and cripples who drink, cook and talk on a background of half-timbered houses.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Perrotin, 1844

You may notice there's a stowaway this week. He crept in during all the recent kerfuffle, and secreted himself in a cosy little nook of the treehouse. He was quickly discovered, but despite patient attempts to explain that it's been several years since he was last here, and as per tradition he's now dead to us, we've so far been unable to dislodge him. Like the smiley face hidden in the above image, he's just... there. So I decided, hell, let's hear what he's playing this weekend as well.

Here's what we're all clicking on this weekend!

Brendy('s ghost)
I'm playing NYT Connections. I play it every day. I know it's just the game from Only Connect shoved onto into a tidy phone app. But I don't care. It is my game of the year so far.

Yeah, I'll be playing more of a game I can't talk about. It's been grand so far, if slightly exhausting! Otherwise, my time away from a screen will see me picking up a suit rental for an upcoming wedding where I'm one of two best men. It feels weird that what feels like years of planning, a stag-do etc etc, are finally going to come to a head. I'm hoping at least someone at this wedding has played/or will play the secret game I can't talk about.

This weekend I'm probably going to lay off the old vidyagaming and work on my (part-time) thesis, which has been on the go for nigh a decade amid a lot of Covid-era disruption and procrastination. Right now I'm redrafting stuff, which mostly involves dusting off research written in 2017, clutching my head and explaining to my younger self that no, that's not what poststructuralism is, please shut the fuck up. I've also recently been recommended a lot of horror movies by other members of the Treehouse, so that's my evenings taken care of.

I'm going to give Minecraft's new Tricky Trials update a go, because it adds a bunch of combat-oriented challenge rooms and I need something that will satisfy my son's bloodlust. I'm also hoping to get another couple of games of Dune Imperium in.

Minecraft's Tricky Trials update couldn't have come at a better time for me. Pressureless exploring, with just a dash of adventure, is exactly what I need to cleanse the palette after a week of suffering in [EMBARGOED GAME THAT IS KIND OF BIG ON THE WHOLE SUFFERING THING].

I had a good time with the Steam Next Fest demos that I tried last week, so this weekend I'll fire up the demo for Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. Brendy seemed to dig it, calling it a "bit floaty", but nevertheless a game where you can level up your character in coffee shops while conversing with ten-handed staff, which sounds like precisely my jam.

In and amongst guides work, my life so far has been playing Dragon Age Inquisition whilst guiltily looking at the untouched copy of Hellblade 2 in my library. Recently I've started pin collecting so I'm in a bit of a Disney mood as well. Instead of working on my backlog I'll probably just load up Disney Dreamlight Valley and grow crops for a bit.

Nine Sols! I'm playing Nine Sols! It's got a mox in it! That's a word I made up because I can't work out whether you play as a mouse or a fox! I thought it was a fox but then a horrible floating boss lady called him a mouse! It's a mox! Good parries. Very good air parries. You go mox!

This weekend I will be continuing to play [REDACTED]. I can't get enough [REDACTED]. It's truly phenomenal. A worthy [REDACTED] to my favourite ever [REDACTED]. It's so pretty, and also so very, very [REDACTED]. I've very nearly finished it, I just need to get past the [CENSORED] [REDACTED]. That absolute [CENSORED].

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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