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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

Newfoundland Dog
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Philip Reinagle

Ollie is beset by maladies unknown today, so this is my domain now. I was tempted to recreate a hellish mockery of his fun hidden face game by trapping a crumbling mirror image of his visage, Dorian Gray style, somewhere in the above image. Alas, my version of Photoshop appears to be lacking that function. I suppose I will have to turn to other avenues of entertainment, such as a video game, should any exist.

So I just checked there's actually loads of them. What a turn out! Here's what we're all clicking on this weekend.

I have been sullying the scientific community with a terrible tomato plant regime in Abiotic Factor, the funny survival game that feels like playing through a more cartoonish Half-Life with pals. Last time, my mate Steve sat on the floor, calmy AFK as a swarm of extradimensional headcrabs fell out of a portal next to his face. Everyone in the hideout had to stab the critters before they nibbled him to death. He came back to video game consciousness surrounded by monster blood, wondering why we were all bandaging ourselves and panting. So perhaps more of that if I can wrangle some folks!

Is seeing a man about a monkey.

This weekend I’m going to play a mixture of Still Wakes The Deep (mostly just enjoying the oil rig canteen ambience right now), the demo for retro-chivalric platformer Renaine, and perhaps a bit of Alan Wake 2, which I’m still muddling my way to the end of. Other than that, research reading and a walk in the woods.

Is away!

I'll be playing whatever I can fit in my Steam Deck, before shacking up for two days in an internetless house by myself. And it's not even haunted, so I can't keep the house if I survive the night. Utter crock.

This weekend I'll be recovering from playing loads of Shadow Of The Erdtree by delving into something a little simpler. I'm thinking Carpathian Night Starring Bela Lugosi, a Castlevania clone that Sin liked well enough. I've played it a bit and it's a lovely ode to Classicvania, and I can't help but be impressed at how the makers of this game decided to stand out from the other Castlevania fangame pack by actually paying the Lugosi estate for the rights to use his likeness as Count Drac. I wanna see Carpathian Night 2 Starring Christopher Lee now.

Is away!

It occurred to me that between Shadow Of The Erdtree and House Of The Dragon on Sunday, the writing of George 'Rock n' Roll Racing' Martin is responsible for a large chunk of my weekend fun, and also a not insignificant chunk of the cultural zeitgeist at large, across several mediums, at this specific moment in time. Does George want this kind of power? Does it frighten him? Does he know to level vigor to at least 60 before he starts the DLC?

Yes, you were all correct, the [REDACTED] game we were all playing was in fact Shadow Of The Erdtree. I've put about 200 hours into it so far for guides purposes, and I can't imagine that number will do anything except go up over the weekend

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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