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What are we all playing this weekend?

Well? Do tell!

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I played badminton yesterday. I am now incredibly sore all over. It made me realise that, perhaps more than anything else you could say about them, weekends are for being sore. Sleeping in, waking up covered in aches, making a noise like someone three times your age when you get out of bed, and then pretending you're a third of your current age by doing nothing except play games for the next 48 hours. Here's how we'll be spending them!

I want to play something with big robots in it. I am in a big robot mood. Mechwarrior 5? Too samey. Into The Breach? Too small. Armored Core VI? Too thirty-five poundsy. Maybe I'll just pick a ridiculous anime to watch instead.

I'm heading to the Lake District for a week with some pals, so I'll be walking on lush grass and heavy mud more than I will looking at a screen and twiddling some thumbsticks. I will, however, bring my Deck and maybe play it in the evenings before I hit the sack. I'm thinking some more Until Then, a visual novel-y game I've been meaning to write properly about but need a little more time. It's a good'un folks.

Ever the indecisive layabout, I'm going to split my time this weekend between Zenless Zone Zero and a review game which, shhh, I can't spoil. I've also been belatedly getting into Void Stranger, which is "a fun sokoban-inspired dungeon crawler" in much the same way that an angler fish is a "reassuring underwater light source".

Fall Guys, Minecraft and Dune Imperium. As always.

Readers, I'm forced to come to terms with the fact that I might actually like Elden Ring. Don't tell any of this lot, though, I've already made too many glib Slack comments about it.
[Editor's note: fuckin' knew it.]

I should probably try beating more Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree bosses this weekend, though it doesn't look there will be much time for gaming as my mother-in-law is visiting. One of the weekend days is also going to be spent playing the greatest game of all: life admin! Can my wife and I succeed in booking an inexpensive Air B&B for an upcoming trip to the States? We shall roll the dice and see what happens...

I have some time off coming up to rest and recoup from the madness of the Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree release. To celebrate, I think I'll play more Shadow Of The Erdtree. I know that sounds a bit silly, but I'm so close to finishing it now and it would be rude not to really.

Oddly enough, Hades. Not even Hades 2, either. Figured I'd go back and finally spend some decent time with the first one. I...think it's probably more charming than it's actually fun to play. Don't hate me! The characters and art and music and extra touches are....well, they're Supergiant. They don't miss with this stuff. But I'm finding some encounters just don't work for certain build types, which has me worrying about rounding out toolsets rather than having as much fun experimenting as I'd like. Also, some of the weapons feel like they needed a bit more love. Looking at you, bow. Otherwise, I've got a game for review kicking about on my list. I hope it's not a secret, because otherwise I just put my foot in my mouth.

My Saturday is reserved for meeting my girlfriend's parents for the first time. After something that stressful, I think I'll relax on Sunday by playing a bit of Civ 6, which I've recently returned to after several years of bouncing between Humankind, Old World, and Age Of Wonders IV. I've realised that I really don't care about getting good at 4X games. I just want the journey, the discovery, the wonder. Which is also why I tend not to finish long Civ games, because all that wonder disappears in the late-game. Who knows though, maybe this time will be different. It won't. But it might.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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