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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Here's the thing: I am now on holiday. I can ask you what you're playing this weekend, but I won't be around to hear your reply. But that's okay. You can do this without me. You have each other. Please, tell those around you. Here's what we're playing:

Adam: [Adam is on still holiday, according to a series of notes in John's handwriting which have been posted by hand through the RPS treehouse letterbox each day when John nips out for lunch. Ah, what peace Adam must be experiencing!]
Alec: Bloodborne. I think there is only Bloodborne now. I know it's not on PC (yet; I live in hope) but we can pretend I'm using Sony's home streaming thing to make it display on my PC if it helps. Yes, I'm definitely doing that and it definitely counts as a PC game and now I am free to play and write about Bloodborne on RPS until the end of my days.
Alice: I am on HOLIDAY and away from my PC. Mostly. My departure might be delayed by Darkest Dungeon. Just one more room and I'll go catch my train. This is not the glamorous kind of holiday with sun, sea, and sand, mind, nor the actually good kind with mist, loch, and peat - I intend to visit London for a few days then sleep the rest.
Graham: I have family visiting and so will almost certainly not play a game. If I do managed to sneak it in, it'll be a cheeky couple of rounds of Overwatch. I'm enjoying its brightness thus far, and that its rounds are short enough that I can fit two or three into a lunch break or other stolen moment.
John: This weekend I shall be playing... hookey! Woohoo, I'm on holidays! Which I rather hope means I'll be able to bend time and space into giving me a few hours in front of the PS4 to play a lot more of the completely brilliant Ratchet & Clank.

I will definitely be playing a good deal more of Crashlands on my pocket telephone too, because I'm utterly hooked and adoring it.

For the PC? Goodness me, perhaps nothing at all. Although I suspect some more Dishonored which is technically for work so shhhhh don't tell my wife.

Philippa: I'm having a game-free weekend in so far as this column is concerned. I never seem to play the things I say I'm going to play, either because my mood changes or I need to prioritise differently. Instead, I'm going to make the default that I'm not playing games and then see what I'm actually, genuinely in the mood for. That might be mowing the lawn IRL or pouring 20 hours into Overwatch, but I hate feeling like I've pinned myself to a thing and am thus, however obscurely, reneging on a promise.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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