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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


I've not managed to shoehorn it in anywhere else this week, so: isn't Stranger Things nice? Don't play video games this weekend until you've seen it. And don't watch this trailer if you think you might be tempted - I'm only linking this for the people with no intention of watching it, so they can make snap judgements. And definitely don't look at this fab adventure game mockup until you've watched it ('cos spoilers, yeah). But after you have, what will you be playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on:

Adam: ["Adam has been out and about and and around generally very busy, and as such cannot tell you," reads a letter from Adam's mum. Fair enough!]
Alec: I am playing 60s-set dystopic survival affair We Happy Few, which so far is reminding me of Brazil, in all the best way. Also the bins look like decapited Daleks, so I am naturally well pre-disposed towards it. I've also ended up revisiting C&C Tiberian Sun after Have You Playing it the other day, and am horrified by how ancient it seems. Not because it's too old-fashioned to play - it isn't - but because I've held in my head as super-flashy and modern for the last 15 years and am now horrifyingly aware of how ancient I am.
Alice: I'm trying to get through my list of Stuff I've Been Meaning To Do Around Edinburgh before the Festival starts and the city doubles in size, swollen with literally thousands of comedians, human statues, comedians, musicians, storytellers, performance artists, jugglers, poets, and - god help me! - improv troupes, not to mention tourists come to see them. I'm really excited but it does form an impenetrable human wall across the heart of the city for a month.

What I intended to play, though, is Duke Nukem Forever. For real this time.

Graham: I've finished Quadrilateral Cowboy now, which means I can turn attention to the game I've been burning to play since Brendan wrote about it a couple of weeks ago: scifi colony management sim RimWorld. I'm crossing my fingers for anecdotes of colonists cutting off their wrong arm, and I'll write about it if I discover anything close.
John: I really fancy actually playing something this weekend, but the chances are never great. I'm thinking of seeing if the Amazon Fire has anything worth playing (and indeed if it's compatible with anything other than their ridiculously overpriced controller) to see if I can distract my 21mo from his incessant 6am demands to watch awful monster truck cartoons on YouTube.

What I'd LIKE to play is Abzu, uselessly sat on my hard drive, unloved. But it's unlikely to happen.

Philippa: This weekend I will be playing a complicated game where I try to lure a ruby-tailed wasp back to the garden. It started to get complicated when I realised I personally have nothing to offer a ruby-tailed wasp, but they do like to parasitise mason bees so now the plan is about luring mason bees with the hope of seeing the wasp again. It's like when you fancy a guy so you invite his friend to a party hoping he will turn up. Except in this case the party is a nut party and the person who is friends with the guy you like is allergic to nuts so you don't mention the nut party and hope you're not looking suspicious. At this point it's become complicated enough that I probably won't bother executing it so don't worry about the bees. But I will think about it really hard.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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