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What are we all playing this weekend?


At times I thought it might never come, but here we are: summer. The solstice has passed and yesterday actually turned out really sunny. I could get used to this, only now the days are drawing in and oh no I'm not ready for summer to be over.

What are you playing this solstice weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

I've got quite into the grind of Void Bastards, via wapping the difficulty down to the lowest setting and throwing cat robots at everything. The thing is, Void Bastards looks bloody lovely, and the cutscenes are very funny, in the way that only silent protagonists doing things in comic strips can be.

Alice L

This weekend I am going to playing The Sims 4 Isla-- NOT SO FAST. That's probably what you were expecting me to say, right? Well I don't like to always be so predictable. This weekend I'm off to Valencia for a week. So I'll be taking my Switch with me, some books, some magazines, and enjoying the super warm weather all while watching videos about The Sims 4 Island Living. I jest. I won't watch too many videos. But I will be playing it when I get back. Guess I am predictable after all. See ya later suckers.

Alice O

Having just moved, I've gone a week without a connection really suitable for multiplayer games and ended up playing a fair bit of Stellaris. That's very calming when my brain is still frazzled from moving and E3ing in the same week. I fancy those wacky new Plunkbants with the lads and I've barely seen the stuff of Destiny 2's new season but we'll see. I've been given some of those there fancy WiFi-controlled colour-changing lights and am currently trying to make Hue and Ikea kit play nicely together, and then I need to set my zones and my schedules and... it will be colourful.


I'm playing Pathologic 2 again, but this time on it's grubby easy mode, with all the hunger and exhaustion sliders and whatnot turned down. It's a much better time. I mean, I'm still being hounded by a dull ache for salted fish, and I am constantly on the scrounge for immunity boosting pills. But it is a more manageable scrounge. I'm finally able to see some of the game's dark corners and gloomy consequences.


Good news everyone! My PC was fixed again, though I've taken more (hopefully) permanent measures by opting to just rebuild the beast from scratch with a new motherboard and case. I'll be sharing my exploits of building my first PC from bits soon, but in the meantime I'll be playing Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. I'm so far liking it a lot, even if Miriam does have a case of the improbable boobs.


I completed two games this week - Katana Zero and My Friend Pedro - which feels like more games than I've completed in the past four years. I might spend this weekend celebrating by not playing anything at all, how about that?


I'll be sampling some more Xbox Game Pass delights this weekend. Top of the list is Pony Island, by Daniel 'The Hex' Mullins. I really loved The Hex when it came out last year, and I've been itching to see where Mullins cut his metafiction teeth ever since. As for my post Pony Island palette cleanser, I've also got my eye on either Wandersong or Samorost 3.


Matt is on holiday after E3, a well-deserved rest.


I'm to London for my mother's 60th. Speaking of ageing Castles, also hope to see one or two in Bloodstained. I was a huge fan of Igarashi's Nintendo Castlevanias and this seems to have nailed that magic, from the groovy gothic tunes to kicking in lanterns for coins.


Nate is just on holiday. Who even knows. Not me. Fired.


They Are Billions has finally released its campaign, so I'm gonna be playing through that. So far it plays very differently from the usual survival mode, which is welcome. While I do love the survival mode, I've pretty much got the formula down on how to survive the 100 days on various difficulties, so I'm looking forward to the game providing something new and challenging for me again.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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