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What Are You Playing This Weekend?


Goodness, another weekend is upon us already. It's as if we rush through the intervening five days as quickly as we possibly can, isn't it?

I've got all manner of games lined up this weekend. The Kitchen's An Absolute State, that's a fun game. The longer you go between playing it, the longer each session feels! Really innovative design there. Speaking of innovation, the recent mystery game My Girlfriend's Lungs Don't Sound Right is a doozy. I'm not sure I'll ever get to the bottom of that. The same is true of Whose Turn Is It To Take The Glass Recycling Out?, but to be fair no one wants to get to the bottom of that.

In terms of actual games, I've got a session of Mario Kart 8 and beer lined up with some friends. This should be fun, involving as it does both alcohol and fellow hominids, not to mention what I'm told is a really rather good home cinema setup. The inclusion of the first Mario Kart game to get me excited since the 16-bit era is the icing on the cake. But hush hush Shaun that is not PC games is it.

I'm also hoping to cheer my poor poorly girlfriend up by continuing our playthrough of Grim Fandango Remastered. We'd just gotten through the Petrified Forest when last we directed Manny about with a mouse (the pleasure of which cannot be understated). Where next? I have no idea. I only played the demo back in 1998, so this is all new territory for me.

In honour of Grim Fandango, here's my favourite Misfits song. Listen, watch and enjoy, then tell me what you'll be playing.

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