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What Are You Playing This Weekend?


I know that you get asked this a lot, mostly by RPS and, of late, mostly by me. But come now: give me your answer, do.

I'm in the slightly awkward position of being on the cusp of a long overdue PC upgrade at the same time as being about to go on holiday. My new PC is mostly present but not yet built, and I'm trying to resist doing so before I leave the country for a week. Nothing can spoil a holiday like deep-rooted yearning for the shiny new hardware back home.

Thanks to the terrible burden of going on holiday I'm not starting anything new, nor am I buying anything new - it makes sense to hold off and see what tickles my fancy once everything is up and running, eh? At that point I- oh who am I kidding, I'll probably reinstall Crysis.

Fortunately there's plenty of other stuff for me to tinker with this weekend. My biannual desire to mindlessly shoot things with bullets emerging from my face has been stirring. This means it's either time to replay Deus Ex for the sake of one gag, or to decide on an FPS to kill a few hours and a few hundred sentients with. I started playing Republic Commando out of nostalgia a few weeks back, and was really enjoying it up until the climax of the first chapter, so perhaps I'll go back to that and push on through!

I've also been, er, playing Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii. Like I said: I've had this urge to mindlessly shoot things, and I've always had a soft spot for both lightgun games and the complete nonsense that constitutes Resident Evil lore.

So how about you? How's your taste in games? Is it better than what I've just owned up to? Is this too many questions? Should I just stop?

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