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What Are We All Playing This Weekend

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I see Team RPS have been sending me e-mails 'detailing their weekend gaming plans'. Nice try, jerks. You won't get me that easily. I know that spookings are lurking around every corner this time of year, in every reflection, behind every door, in every e-mail, and I'm not going to fall for it. No, I refuse to open these. Instead, I shall tell you how I imagine they would respond if I were to ask them what they were playing this weekend. You can tell me what you're playing too but of course I won't read it. I know your tricks.

Adam: [Adam is ill, which means he is fired but we'll send him some flowers.]
Alec: I am not playing Civilization VI I am not playing Civilization VI I am not playing Civilization VI I am not playing Civilization VI I am not playing Civilization VI I am not playing Civilization VII am not playing Civilization VII am not playing Civilization VI oh alright I'm playing Civilization VI.
Alice: I mean, sure, I do have Civilization VI waiting, like the rest of these louts, but I think I'll hold off this weekend. I need to catch up on huge amounts of sleeping and do not want to discover I've accidentally onemoreturned my way through the night. Instead, I'll play Thumper and be left too buzzed to sleep. Oh! Or Shadow Warrior 2.
Brendan: [Brendan is fired.]
Graham: This weekend if I play anything it will be Civilization VI. I've played a bit already and it's nice just to look at, which will make me persevere through those early turns which I find slightly boring in all Civ games, including this one.

Of course, having said this I will now almost certainly play something else entirely. This is the rule of WAPYPWTT.

John: It seems Rusty Lake: Roots is a lot bigger than I was expecting, so it's going to stretch over into my weekend. I would also really like to play some Destiny, as I never have, but I think the chances of my finding time are quite slim.

However, weekend highlight: tomorrow morning I'm going to see Hey Duggee and other awesome kids shows at the cinema! BEAT THAT.

Philippa: This weekend I'm playing the next bit of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and getting a haircut. I appreciate that isn't the most exciting set of plans if you're into neither haircuts nor Warhammer but I could try to combine them. Perhaps I could get my hair cut to co-ordinate with my Skink Starpriest somehow?

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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