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What are we all playing this weekend?


Ha ha shut up with your 'February' nonsense, no one's buying it. Second week of January, that I'd believe. I'd also accept the third week of March. But February 1st? That's either way too soon or way too late. Pull the other one. Look, keep this up and I'll give you a pinch and a punch for the first of the month (no returns, obvs).

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Alice Bee

This weekend I shall continue to put time into The Sims 4. Last weekend I finished Alice0's house, but a pathing glitch occurred and now the Sim I put in to test it cannot go downstairs. I have discovered that there is some kind of hack to get around this, though. I shall keep you all posted.

Alice L

So, this weekend I'll most likely be doing more Tiny House building, and playing Stardew Valley, which I only played for the first time on Thursday. What's wrong with me? Who knows. But I love it already. I'm also planning on giving The Pedestrian a go, and finishing off some of 2019's best games.


I've not touched Kentucky Route Zero in so long that I'm starting over before heading into the newly-released Act V. I don't want to rush it and I'll definitely echo the episodic release by leaving a few weeks' breathing room between acts. Best enjoyed with time for bits to rattle around your head.


I'm going to be replaying Kentucky Route Zero this weekend. All the way through, all of the intermissions, the lot. I've fallen deeply in love with Cardboard Computer's thoughtful, atmospheric, beautiful little game. I'm a bit of a late bloomer, but I don't feel like that makes the importance that Kentucky Route Zero has to me is any lesser than had I been there from the start, seven years ago.


This weekend there will be no games. That doesn't mean there won't be fun though. I will be helping to paint half a bedroom with a colour that only people looking to buy a house would like. Because playing the "watching paint dry" game sounds like the dullest way to spend a weekend, I'll be watching some Oscar-bait movies instead (1917, Once upon a time in Hollywood, maybe Joker).


I'm going to play Panic! At The Disco's High Hopes on Beat Saber 100 more times, because I'm trying to master the song on the 'hard' setting. A week ago I couldn't do any Beat Saber song even on normal difficulty, but Mama said don't give up.


The games I'll be playing this weekend are "explain my job to people I only see once a year" and "family tech support" because I'm visiting my parents. If I have time I might try to get in some Apex Legends - I wanna make a last ditch effort to finish off my battle pass before Season 4 starts, mostly because if I get enough coins through the battle pass I don't have to pay for the next one (and I want the next one real bad because I reckon that edgy new character Revenant is gonna have some cool shit).


After 20 years of catching 'em all, I finally encountered my first ever shiny Pokémon the other day (a beautiful purple Cubchoo), so I will likely be cooing over this tiny, icy bear cub in further Pokémon Sword sessions this weekend in between playing some more Disco Elysium.


I've been picking at Divinity: Original Sin 2 again. I've messed up my character builds and now face a hard slog to the boat where I know you get to respec, and will need the space of a weekend to face it.

Maybe I'll decompress with Cook Serve Delicious 3.


Writing words for the best strategy and RPG lists has me hankering to replay a heap of games. I think Shadow Tactics or The Witcher 2 will win out.


Nate's ill, and not in the sense that he's been illin'.


Ollie is away.


Good question! I don't know. I never know. Do not trouble me with your concerns of order and reason, for I am chaos and whim, drifting unplanned on the tides of chance. Also I'll probably just sleep. But somehow it's over four years since Satellite Reign came out, and I still haven't played it. So that might happen too.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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