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What are we all playing this weekend?


As the saying goes: lock down, jack in, and square off.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!


Alice Bee

I am still playing Sea Of Thieves with my brothers. My older brother bought a pet bird and named it after his boyfriend. Sometimes my little brother plays it in front of my mum and she comes through on the mic going "Ooooh! A Skeleton!" and things like that. It is surprisingly wholesome. Apart from my younger brother's continuing desire to ram any other ship we see.



Steam told me to play Dark Souls 3 next so who am I to argue?



I already own Grand Theft Auto V on two other platforms, but I'm not missing out on a free lunch. Plus, I've never played it on PC before, so I'm obviously going to absolutely destroy it in mods that allow me to be a superhero.



This weekend is going to be one with barely any games as I will be doing house packing stuff. I will likely be playing some Pokémon Go, but that's about it. Boring I know, but putting stuff in storage is a bit like playing Tetris.



I'm still playing Gears Tactics, and still enjoying it. I don't really have any new thoughts about it, though. The little wide dudes shoot the angry tendony brutes real good. I like the grenades, which explode said brutes real good. More as I have it.



Imogen is on hols. Well. You know.



I'm in the final stretch of Final Fantasy VII Remake now, so I'm hoping to put a bullet in that (or should that be drop a plate on it?) this weekend, while, of course, getting my daily dose of Animal Crossing. The next task is to decide what to play next. Steam's new recommendation tool tells me I should give Alien: Isolation a go, but to be honest I've had it up to here living in a small space with a hungry creature scuttling around from room to room (sorry Matthew), so I probably won't do that and just play some more AC instead.



Five years on after never finishing The Witcher 3, I'm going to play the Blood And Wine DLC. I've forgotten pretty much everything about the videogame, so will wind up awkwardly transposing the personalities of the TV characters over the top of every NPC. Should be fun.



Working on our recent RPG music quiz has reminded me of all the great-sounding worlds I could be exploring. Might jump back into The Witcher 2, as one of the few RPGs I actually stand a chance of completing in under a year. Also, I miss bashing in those kings with my best pal Roche.



This weekend as my starter, I'm going to have a go at Nimbatus, a very appealing space drone construction game, which looks like it could be a bit of a treat. Then as my main course, there's the new Warden & The Paunch DLC for Total Warhammer 2, which features Mad Max goblins, and some elf I couldn't care less about. It's not the elf's fault, he's just up against Mad Max goblins, is all. Nobody's going to do well facing that kind of competition, are they? For pudding: Age Of Empires 2. Again. Specifically, the custom campaigns, which I've been downloading through AoE2's mod browser, and have discovered are shockingly good.



Ollie is also on holiday. Off holiday? We need a new term.



I am cruelly sandwiched between two MMOs like so much sexy ham. Between Elite Dangerous doing a beta and Fallout 76 being still largely untouched by my weird, solitary gaze, I will barely have time to play X-Piratez. My gang have not bought a single gun, merely hijacked and built what we can from scrap. But the skies fill with danger, the Academy have built a base in Mongolia, and the Church are starting to field armoured warmaidens. O linear time, why are you so.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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