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What are we all playing this weekend?


Is it the future already? Doesn't time fly! Abandon the past. Slip out of your old clothes, weigh them with rocks, and cast them into the sea. This is the future - we've no time for none of that. But do tell me: which futuregames are you playing this futureweekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Adam: This weekend I'm going to watch some real life wrasslin', which is a good way to hide from the disappointment of every modern grappling game. When I'm at my computer, I'll mostly be playing The Binding of Isaac because, despite my complaints, the new expansion has reinvigorated my love for McMillen's masterpiece. That and Darkest Dungeon, which I restarted last week and can't stop playing.
Alec: People keep telling me that I missed the point of Glittermitten Grove, a title I increasingly believe to be the worst videogame of all time. I take pride in being the most thorough games journalist in the profession, so I suppose I will give it another cursory glance just on the extremely remote off-chance that I missed something. I'm sure it's just empty internet whingeing as usual, though.
Alice: I mean, obviously I'm playing Isaac. Despite some annoyances, I am digging the new expansion and am excited to see more. New items and unlocks are great and all but what I want most is to build a truly obscene multi-item with the new character, Apollyon. I fancy dipping into the ace Antibirth mod more too. Might have a natter about All Things Isaac with Adam next week.
Brendan: I might try and unearth some more meaning behind the otherworldly symbols of Sethian, or I might further my base rhythmic instincts in Thumper, which also feels like it came from another planet. Or maybe I will hop back into Elite and try to find some of these terrifying Thargoids for myself. Basically, I'm on a mission to study aliens this weekend. We must understand them if we are to survive.
Graham: I uninstalled almost all my Steam games over the Christmas break. I had over 70 installed, most of them unplayed, and I hope that by whittling it down to just a few that'll I'll be more compelled to boot something new up. It's worked so far: I'm playing VA-11 Hall A aka Valhalla aka the cyberpunk bartending sim. Or, at least, I've booted it up before being called away instantly. I hope to press the actual start game button this weekend.
John: [John was allowed to return to RPS in a 'new year, new leaf' reconcilliatory spirit but, alas, he has inevitably been fired once again.]
Philippa: [Pip is off abroard for Smite eSports shenanigans and as such I suppose is working 24/7 and has no time to play games, only watch. Your dedication does us proud, Pip.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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