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What are we all playing this weekend?


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Here's what we're playing
How about you?

Adam: I'm hoping to lose myself in seafaring adventure Soul Searching, and to find everyone else in Hidden Folks. I'm also preparing for GDC by downloading a million podcasts to listen to on the flight. If you have recommendations - horror and humour preferably - drop them in the comments below. Thanks in advance!
Alec: Updated my journal. What can change the nature of a man's evenings? I have played many games across many lifetimes. I go now to a place of an unreleased one. You cannot come with me.
Alice: I'm stuck in a weekend routine lately: do my Binding of Isaac daily runs; try to sleep a lot. Until I manage that second part, it's the same bleary-eyed stumbling. My daily scores are suffering, which just isn't on. GO TO SLEEP, ALICE.
Brendan: I may try to better myself in For Honor after watching some helpful videos last night, which explained some things that the the brawler itself never does. I can't seem to interrupt a grab correctly, for example, partly because the window to do so lasts about 0.00000000001 seconds. But I see people doing it all the time, so there must be some knack to it. If I lose my temper at being impaled by a Samurai sword fifteen times in one match, I'll just quit and playfight with the cat. I always win those battles.
Graham: [Graham is on holiday, which is corporate talk for fired. Graham is fired.]
John: Do you know, I've no idea. I keep having these grand plans, but then entirely failing to find time to actually sit at my PC. Last weekend I played Lifeline on the telephone at long last, and completely loved it, so perhaps Lifeline 2? Or any of the other Lifelines. Or maybe I'll just stare at Paw Patrol and wonder at how this all happened.
Philippa: I'll mostly be playing catching up with beloved friends I haven't seen in far to long, but there's also now a spot of time blocked off for Cosmic Express. It's a charming logic puzzler by the team who made A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build and I have a preview build which is drawing me in!

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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