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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


The weekend is upon us: ready thyself. What are you playing in this brief respite? Here's what we're all clicking on.

Adam: I'm playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and trying to figure out if it is the best football game ever made, as some reviews have declared. It's definitely very good and almost every match I've played so far has had its own flow, rather than descending into basketball-like back and forth. The weekend is the time for a big dose of Master League, where I'll test out coaching, transfer markets and all that fun stuff. I think it might be very very good indeed.
Alec: I'm not going to play anything. I would if I could but I can't so I won't. Play something really, really good for me, won't you?
Alice: I'm down in That London this weekend to help run Saturday's Wild Rumpus from 7pm at Hackney House [yes that's enough plugging, thank you -ed.] so I'll be playing both loads of games yet none, briefly bashing at treats and wonders including David Kanaga's dog opera Oik OS and Digital Bird Playground [yes, moving on... -ed.] to test them before heading off to deal with something else. Though I could always just commandeer Devil Daggers.
Brendan: I have finally plucked up the mental willpower to start playing the strategic card game Duelyst and now I cannot stop. Every day I summon minions and cast spells. When the evening comes, I pretend to be working but really I am buffing my general's attack strength. In the morning I stare at my breakfast in a daze of confusion and think: "why are these eggs not attacking the bread?" I leave the table, having shifted all the food around on my plate into a grid. The beans go uneaten. How much longer will this last? Help. I am casting a fire spell. Help.
Graham: I don't know! Every game I've ever said I was going to play here, I then did not play, choosing something else instead. I've got Curious Expedition, the FIFA 17 demo, I still haven't touched ABZU, I think about Satellite Reign every other week... By mentioning them, I've all but guaranteed I won't play them. I'll find something else.
John: This weekend I fully intend to play something new. I don't know what new. But primarily something that isn't No Man's Sky. This weekend I am not going to play No Man's Sky. I'm going to scour Steam, search Itch, scan Humble, find a new thing to play and write about, and it's going to be beautiful.

Oh god I'm going to play No Man's Sky, aren't I?

Philippa: [Pip has been on holiday all week and so is probably playing I Miss Alice or Where's Alice With Her Wit And Charm, or perhaps I Hope Dear Alice Isn't Writing Anything Patronising Under My WAPWPAPWAPW Bit That'd Be Just Like Her She Knows It's Not Funny Yet Thinks That Makes It Funny Why Are We Even Friends.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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