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What's This? Your Firefall Is Evolving

Soon, the Firefall you know and love/haven't actually played/have never heard of and know nothing about will be gone. Like a caterpillar entering a cocoon, the high-flying MMOFPS will soon emerge from the "biggest patch in Firefall history" as a sleeker, more graceful butterfly. With a jetpack. Among many other things, that means the Assault battleframe (the separated-at-birth brother of the Warframe) is in for an overhaul. In short, it's about to become a lot faster and get some cool new toys to boot. Watch it do assault-type things after the break, as is its wont.

Admittedly, I haven't played Firefall yet, but that all looks quite nice. More speed and precision and less damage-sponge-y AOE. Sounds like a far more enjoyable way to play - at least, to me, anyway. But then, I mostly play Pathfinder in Tribes and have been known to dabble in Bolt Launcher-y goodness, so there may be some slight bias here (SOUND THE JOURNALISM ALARMS).

I am a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see how it performs in PVE, though. To me, at least, that was always sort of the main conceptual draw of Firefall. I mean, if I want to strap on a jetpack and reduce my fellow man or woman to a simmering pile of ashes, I have Tribes or even Global Agenda for that. But then, the focus here definitely seems to be on classes first and foremost, so hopefully PVE will get more love in the future.

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