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What's your best game idea that will (probably) never get made?

Bullet-time gardening? Eldritch badminton? Jedi dating sim?

A compositor is leaning over the lower case with a composing stick in his left hand, about to pick up a character to fill in a line of type.
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When you spend so much time playing video games, it can be sometimes hard not to occasionally muse, "What if there were a game that...?" Dot dot dot. There's a wealth of potential in those three dots, and today's the day to plumb those depths and extract the beautiful nuggets of impossibility within. So, readers, what's your best game idea that will likely never be made?

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An important clarification before we begin. If you have even the slightest chance of putting your idea together, well, what are you waiting for? The world needs to see it in the flesh! Also, you wouldn't want to risk some other scoundrel swooping in and making off with your excellent idea, so we'd encourage folks to only share things here that really have no chance of ever being made (at least not by your own hand).

So, c'mon, let loose. I'm talking the really wacky shit that still makes everyone who hears it go, "Okay - that would be cool." To kick things off, here's my offering. I'd like an extraction shooter take on Fantastic Voyage (or that fantastic parody episode of Futurama), where you're repeatedly diving down in a miniaturised submarine into someone's body, as a mercenary accepting contracts to delve into bodies and extract specific resources from within.

I think the dangers would be mostly environmental, while the enemies would be the body's immune system detecting a foreign presence. The worlds feel weird and wonderful, and yet also familiar and understandable. There could be multiple bodies (maps) to search through, and perhaps you could run into other player-controlled mercenary subs, fighting or fleeing over important resources like brain tissue or spinal fluid.

I'd be down for that, but I'm also sure your ideas will even more interesting, so sound off in the comments below. Tell us your game ideas that you'd love the chance to play but know you never will.

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