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What's Yours Is Mined: Cloudbase Prime

Free alpha of first-person platform-shooter

Cloudbase Prime is a first-person platformer with shooting elements. That's a fine change from first-person shooters with 'platforming elements' in the form of a context-sensitive 'jump' button used once during a fourteen minute long singleplayer campaign. Originally created as part of the 7 Day FPS Challenge back in 2012, it's a game about survival on a floating mining platform in deep space. Enormous robots are attacking the platform and your goal is to survive for as long as possible by propelling them (and yourself) from hex to hex. The key to your survival is not found in the barrel of a gun but in the terrain-manipulating Architect tool. The freshly baked alpha is free.

Here is a video in which the developer of the game catapults rabbits into space to...celebrate Easter? I should stress that the rabbits are in the game - I haven't uncovered some dark and terrible corner of Tyrus' Youtube account.

It's great to see experiments from jams and challenges still in development a couple of years after the fact and Cloudbase Prime is shaping up handsomely.

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