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When Androids Attack: Alien - Isolation

Meet the crew

Edit: Oculus Rift support confirmed for maximum trouser-spoiling.

Cat's out of the bag (sorry Jones) - there are synthetic and human enemies in Alien: Isolation! We knew but we hadn't seen them until now. That Sega and Creative Assembly would finally show this to be the case was one of Alice's hopes/predictions for E3 so she's currently gloating in the chatroom. It'll all come to pass soon though, world-eating Gabe and the rest. Much as I like the idea of fleeing and hiding from a single monster, the tension might be difficult to sustain over anything longer than an hour or so. That's why Isolation has (apparently randomly placed) humans and synths. The latter, pleasingly, won't scrap with the alien, querying its actions politely, while humans can be used as bait/distractions if the right tools are in place to attract ol' xeno.

As Alice said, those synthetics could be the natural evolution of System Shock 2's protocol droids. That makes me very very unhappy in the most delightful way. Excitement undiminished, I am hugely excited about this game. The look and the sound alone are a treat for any sensible human being who recognises Alien as the greatest sci-fi/horror film of all time.

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