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Headlander Gets Release Date And A Jazzy New Trailer 

Headlander [official site], Double Fine's oddball homage to retro sci-fi, finally has a release date (and a spiffy new trailer). You'll be able to get in on the body-swapping action on July 26th.

Humans have been transferred to robotic bodies where they are controlled by a powerful AI named Methusela. You're the last flesh-person left, but with one small technicality - you're a disembodied head. Luckily, your high-tech helmet lets you jet around like some sort of grotesque hovercraft, allowing you to decapitate robots and take over their bodies.

We got a good look at Headlander at E3, but you can also get a short and sweet overview of the gameplay in this offical trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

It looks as though it'll be good, fast-paced fun with lots of colorful lasers and side-scrolling combat. You also get to swap heads with a dog robot, so there's that, too. The body-switching shenanigans promise to bring an interesting twist to the typical platforming mechanics we're used to. You'll have to carefully plan which enemies you take over, as they all have different abilities that will help you navigate the world. Judging by the pacing of some of the footage we've seen, things could get a bit frantic, meaning you'll have to strategize on the fly.

Don't miss the new story trailer below, which will help tide you over until launch:

Cover image for YouTube video

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