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Twit-Twhen? Owlboy Release Date Announced

At long last!

The elusive Owlboy [official site]! For the past decade, tales of his hooting and platforming have delighted all. Believers insist that he's real, that he loves us and he'll be with us soon. (I can't help but note most of their "evidence" is blurry photographs obscured by clumsy thumbs.) Our Alec even swears blind he's met Owlboy and stroked his feathers. Yeah, while off your tits on Lucozade tablets down one of those Brighton all-night silent discos, I bet. Well, all shall be known come November 1st. That's Owlboy's release date, developers D-Pad Studio have announced with a new trailer:

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Owlboy's a long-awaited retro-styled platformer about a boyish owl (an owlish boy?) off on adventures. He explores a beautiful skyworld, delves into dungeons, and fights monsters with the help of pals he holds in his claws.

Alec played the demo D-Pad took to PAX last weekend. He reported back:

"... there is a lingering sense that Owlboy is special. It’s just that it makes its case ever so quietly, with a sort of stoic cheer. It is hard to pin down, because it is so low key or effortless about what it does; there is no chest-thumping, no sense of smugness, and any showiness is there only to serve the tale it tells.

"It is, I fear, too late for Owlboy to make the waves it once seemed predestined to, and its drawn-out chattiness robs it of a certain purity that would have suited it, but it is real and it is delightful."

I do like what he says about the freedom and joys of its flying too. Do have a read, won't you?

Owlboy is coming to Windows via GOG and Steam on November 1st.

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