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Star Trek: Bridge Crew delayed again but getting TOSsy

Jump to hyperspace!

A long time ago in a city far, far away (E3 2016 in Los Angeles), Ubisoft announced virtual reality spaceship command 'em up Star Trek: Bridge Crew [official site] for release in autumn 2016. Well! A fair few Kessel Runs later, it's been delayed again, this time to May 30th. Many Bothans died to bring us this information but, on the bright side, they did also bring word that it'll have an option to fly aboard the USS Enterprise from Episode IV: The Original Series. Jump to hyperspace!

Bridge Crew, to recap, is a virtual reality game for up to four shipmates with goggs. Taking different stations on the bridge of a starship, folks try to complete missions and not get exploded. A bit like Artemis in VR, yeah?. It will also have singleplayer for Boba No-Mates, mind.

While Bridge Crew game focuses on the USS Aegis, a ship created especially for this game, the TOS Enterprise will be available an option in the 'Ongoing Voyages' mode. That's an endless doodad with procedurally generated missions in the endless struggle to bring balance to the Force.

Me, I'd go for NCC-1701-D, Picard's Enterprise. What could be more comforting than sitting on the bridge, knowing Cyberpicard has your back, and listening to the gentle hum of the ship? I suppose Kirk's cyberbridge must have some good plingly-plongly bleepy-bloopy whirry-whorry noises, though.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will support both Rift and Vive flavours of gogg.

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