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Where the Goats Are is a pretty, relaxing game about making cheese

It's easy being cheesy

I've just been clicking my way around Where the Goats Are [Itch page], a pay-what-you-want one-hour story from developer Memory of God about an old lady, Tikvah, and her goats on a remote farm. You potter about the small plot of land, making cheese, collecting eggs, and walking to a well so that you can water your lone plant. It's relaxing and atmospheric, with excellent music and a nice slow pace. I haven't finished it yet but, based on what I have played, I can recommend it.

There's a postman who delivers letters – I had one heartfelt one from Tikvah's brother, who has moved to the big city – and you can trade goods for cheese you make from your goats milk, which gives you an incentive to churn. I like its simplicity, and the solace that comes from designing your own daily routine.

It's strangely involving, too. When I accidentally traded one of my two goats for extra hay (it was the first time the postman came, and I panicked) I felt a real pang of sadness. Now I have a lonely goat and more hay than I know what to do with.

I vaguely know the direction it's going in because I read something about it elsewhere. I won't spoil it but it's safe to say that it has a purpose in mind: it isn't just tending a farm for an hour.

Oh, and Tikvah has a stick that she can pick up and trail behind her to make patterns on the ground. It's a nice distraction if ever you need it.

If you fancy it, pay what you want on

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