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Who Let The Blogs (Post About) Saut?

I totally found this game for myself. I didn't find it on IndieGames and I definitely am not claiming I didn't find it there because Michael IndieGames corrected me again! The bast! Whose Bast!-esque qualities don't effect the fact I found this game entirely by myself and not on Indiegames. Anyway, Saut is a post-Canabalt atmospheric one-button indie-game. However, rather than careening along madly with only a jump to save you, here you only progress when you jump. It's a little trial and error for my tastes - and my space button is shit at this sort of multiple presses - but I think it's pretty neat. Footage follows...

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Though it's a play through of the whole game, so probably is only gonna hurt you. Just go play!

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