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Wholesome Direct will host over 50 games in its own digital showcase next week

Oh so wholesome

Hugging a spirit and saying goodbye on the red lake in Spiritfarer
Image credit: Thunder Lotus Games

If you've got several cascading sticky notes on your computer monitor with the times and dates of all the not-E3 digital gaming showcases this year, yeah, me too. Here's another that definitely deserves to be on the list. Wholesome Direct is "meant to bring further attention to some of the most promising wholesome games," which as you might imagine are mostly lovely indie games. You'll be able to catch it next Tuesday, May 26th.

Spearheaded by the individual behind the Wholesome Games Twitter account, Wholesome Direct has got a pretty solid list of names joining up to deliver their happy announcements. "Please look forward to exclusive footage and announcements from games like Ooblets, Spiritfarer, SkateBird, Little Witch In The Woods, Garden Story, Chicory, Rainy Season, and many more," say they. Apparently the full list is more than 50 games, though I'm sure the size of announcements and involvement will vary.

Of course many of us are by now well-versed in the town sim and creature collecting game Ooblets. The developers have hinted that 2020 is "the year of Oob" but haven't yet announced a release date. Maybe they'll grace us with one. Or maybe just more Ooblet dance battles.

Cozy management game Spiritfarer is on the list as well, which I found to be particularly pleasant when I had the chance to play it last year. It's about hugging your spirit friends and sending them to the afterlife, which is much less grim than it sounds.

Book Of Travels will also make an appearance, which I'm quite interested in. It's a "tiny multiplayer online game" from the same folks who do the Shelter series. They've previously announced plans to run a beta test this summer, so perhaps we'll be hearing more about that.

You'll be able to catch the Wholesome Direct show over on YouTube next Tuesday, May 26th at 6pm BST / 1pm EDT / 10am PDT.

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