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Not Child Safe: Who's Your Daddy Looks Wackyfun

Happy little accident

The duties of a game dad usually entail smashing in the teeth of anyone so much as looks at your daughter figure, but Who's Your Daddy takes a far more realistic approach. The two-player asymmetric multiplayer game will have a game dad rushing about trying to child-proof a home while the baby crawls about trying to find ways to injure itself. Drinking soap is always a safe bet, and maybe you can pop yourself in the oven. Oh sure, the game looks all sorts of janky, but it's a charming idea. Observe:

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To recap in written word form: inside a non-babyproofed house, a dad must rush to lock cabinets, turn off dangerous appliances, tidy away dangerous things, cover plug sockets, and generally try to keep an eye on baby, while the little tyke is hell-bent on harming itself through drowning, scalding, poisoning, electrocution, or whatever else they can figure out. Curious little things, babies. It's got a touch of wonkyphysics too, for comedic effect. Completing chores can give the dad power-ups as well.

I am unreasonably pleased by the moment in that gameplay video when the baby tries to keep the oven both closed and turned on despite the dad's best efforts. It's like those Counter-Strike rounds comically stalled by players battling over opening and closing doors, only with a baby in an oven.

You can download an alpha version for Windows and Mac over here.

It's a simple idea which began as a gag, but it looks a bit of a lark. Zany games often try to coast on wackiness alone, but I'm into the idea of hide-and-seek-and-hide-the-bleach. Having already succeeded on Kickstarter, Who's Your Daddy is now having a crack at Steam Greenlight. Expect it to launch in "early 2016".

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