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Win tickets for EGX Rezzed 2018 and see us talk to the developer of Into The Breach

Five pairs of super passes to win

EGX Rezzed is just over a month away, and announcements for things to see and do at the lovely games event are coming thick and fast. For example: this post, in which I let slip that Adam will be on stage during the show to talk to Subset Games' co-founder Matthew Davis about his work on mech strategy game Into The Breach.

If you're interested in hearing Davis speak about the game, then I've got more news: we've got five pairs of super passes to give away. You can enter below for a chance to win.

Into The Breach has enchanted almost the entire RPS team. It puts you in control of a three mech squad as you defend cities from invading giant insects on miniature, procedurally generated maps. The fun is in thinking your way out of seemingly impossible scenarios by working out how you can utilise your roster's particular abilities to shunt enemies this way and that and line up a series of killing blows. You can read Alec's review for more on that.

Here's what Adam and Matthew will be talking about on stage:

Into The Breach with Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Matthew Davis is one half of Subset Games, the developers of FTL and the recently released mechs-versus-kaiju strategy game Into The Breach. He joins RPS on stage to talk about making tactical games accessible, how they dealt with making a follow-up to such an acclaimed game as FTL, why giant robots are cool, and the changing world of indie games.

Rezzed is taking place this year from April 13th to 15th at its usual venue, the Tobacco Dock in London. It's a great space and aside from Into The Breach, there will be hundreds of games to play and dozens of other fascinating developers to hear talk, including keynote speaker Tim Schafer. RPS will be there in force. You can find out more on the event's official site.

But it's possible you don't yet have tickets to come along. If so, you can win one of five pairs of super passes by entering via the gizmo below. Entries are open until midnight on Friday 23rd, at which point we'll draw the winners and contact them on Monday the following week. You can enter more than once and neither us, or EGX, or Gleam will use your email address for anything other than contacting you should you win.

RPS Rezzed Ticket Giveaway

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