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Wind Waker-inspired survival game Windbound is free to keep on Epic right now

Sail away

I saw an image of Wind Waker earlier today, and that game does not age. Link never sailed onto PC however, so that leaves us with Windbound, a survival adventure about sailing between islands. It's currently free to keep from the Epic Games Store.

Windbound wasn't beloved when it released last year, owing mostly to a rough combat system. It remains an aesthetically gorgeous game, and a compelling mix of Wind Waker's sailing and Breath Of The Wild's scavenging, cooking and paragliding. As you explore its islands, you're able to gather materials to upgrade your boat and sail through more difficult seas to yet more islands.

It's worth a shot at the price. Grab it from Epic any time before February 17th at 4pm and it's yours to keep forever.

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After Windbound, Epic's next freebie will be Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, Starbreeze's adventure in which you control two characters simultaneously. It's excellent, and a precursor to director Josef Fares's more recent games like It Takes Two. Brothers is, to be clear, not co-op - or if it is, it's co-op you play alone.

Epic have announced their attention to keep giving away free games in 2022, after having dished out 765 million free copies in 2021 from 89 games. It's a strategy that seems to be working in causing new people to sign up to the digital storefront - without the backlash caused by Epic exclusives like the recently released Sifu. Epic also offered details on new features coming this year, with public user profiles next in line.

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