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Winter Is Running - Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gametrailers, who insist on putting trailers before their trailers, have some footage from Aliens: Colonial Marines, as seen at PAX 2012. Dubbed 'First Contact', it shows a series of moments in the life of Winter, a marine: he slips on blood, sneaks through a mossy chamber, barely manages to mind the celestial gap and sees a shadowy alien or two. I've got some theories about him, which follow the video below.

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First off, he has a very limited attention span which I can't imagine is going to hold him in good stead when there are vents to be blocked and collapsing interstellar vessels to flee from. Everytime he blinks he seems to lose a few minutes, perhaps because his training has so desensitised him to the stress of combat and actual existence that he somnambulates through life, including the firefights unless they are particularly intense and involve species he's never encountered before. Kill the first few aliens and there's the sound of a yawn and then the credit sequence, during which Winter plays cards with his surviving buddies, yawns again and is then seen in a nursing home for the elderly.

Second, I don't think he fully understands how to use his gear. Someone at training camp has clearly given the man a helmet with some sort of tactical visor display on it. Poor Winter has pressed the zoom button and doesn't know how to undo it, so his peripheral vision is somewhat compromised and his gun looks absolutely massive. Either that or he is constantly squinting, brow furrowed, because some joker at marine academy gave him a giant unwieldy gun and he's under a lot of strain trying to carry the thing.

Last but not least, that's some heroic upper body strength at the end there. That supports the giant gun theory actually. Winter has the mightiest arms in the universe, the attention span of a toasted baguette and a helmet that's on the fritz. He'll go far.

Here are some more marines fighting some aliens in multiplayer.

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Is it just me or do the pulse rifles sound like they were recorded while a Formula One race was occurring in the background?

In my dreams the next game based on the franchise is Alien, singular, the first. Co-op survival horror with a single enemy and almost zero chance of actual survival.

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