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WipEout and Skate co-creators tease a sci-fi sports game and roguelike strategy sim from their new studio

Starlight Games made up of veterans with credits on Resident Evil, Horizon series and more

A helmeted figure in a red body suit in the teaser for Starlight Games' untitled futuristic sports game
Image credit: Starlight Games

Former developers of futuristic racing classic WipEout - including the series’ co-creator - have formed a new studio with the co-creator of Skate to work on a new sci-fi sports game.

Starlight Games is made up of devs including former Psygnosis veterans Gary Nichols and Nick Burcombe, and Skate co-creator Andy Santos, who also counts Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Horizon Zero Dawn VR spin-off Call of the Mountain among his credits.

While the name is new, the team is technically not, having worked together as Atomicom for over a decade. The shift to Starlight apparently comes as part of an effort to create new IP rather than their past focus as work-for-hire.

Starlight plans to hit the ground running with a number of games already in the works, including this summer’s House of Golf 2 - a sequel to Atomicom’s 2019 crazy golf game - and two sci-fi games that hew closer to their legacy on WipEout.

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The first being teased is an untitled “futuristic sports game” directed by Burcombe. Its brief teaser trailer shows a bunch of people in sci-fi-looking suits rendered sharply in Unreal Engine 5 - Dead Space-like spine panels, check; glossy full-face helmets, check - before promising “the future of sports” at its end.

The second is described only as a "rogue-like science fiction strategy simulation management game”. (Thanks,

The untitled futuristic sports game is due to get a full reveal in the next few months, with no word on when we might see more of the sci-fi roguelike.

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