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Word Play: Ribbon Hero

We've been meaning to post about Ribbon Hero for a while, prompted by - oooh - at least many people. Unfortunately, we wanted to give it a try first and John's the only one who has a copy of Office (The of us rest being punk rock heroes! and/or cheapskates with Open Office). And John's spent the last couple of days discharging fountains of bilious fluid from every imaginable organ, so it hasn't happened, so I'm going to plug it swiftly before I jet off to Seattle. Basically, it turns the process of learning bits of Office (Both 2007 and the 2010 Beta) into a game, complete with achievements and the ability to compete against friends. I'd expect to see a lot more stuff like this over the next few years. Anyway, you can get it from here or find it explained by a chap below.

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Also, wish John well, folks. He's feeling poorly.

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