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Wordle answer (Thursday 2 June 2022): Wordle word of the day #348 and hints

Hints and the answer to today's Wordle word

A close-up of part of a Wordle grid. The letters spell "what is the answer".
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Looking for the Wordle answer for Thursday 2 June 2022? What is there to say about Wordle that hasn't been said already by millions? Let's just settle with: it's a fairly marvellous way to start your day off. Gently coaxing your brain out of its post-sleep stupor and into the bright, unforgiving world of wakefulness has never been so fun, nor so easy.

If you're scratching your head wondering what the solution to today's Wordle can be, you've come to the right place. Below you'll find a selection of helpful hints which might guide you towards the solution; and further down we'll reveal the answer to today's Wordle word of the day.

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Hints for today's Wordle answer (Thursday 2 June 2022)

If you want a helping hand with today's Wordle word of the day, then these hints have been carefully crafted for you. Take a look and see if you can figure out the answer:

  • Today's Wordle word is a common four-letter word with a "Y" added to the end.
  • The second letter is "H".
  • There is only one vowel.
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Today's Wordle answer: what is the Wordle word for 2 Jun?

Want to check that your prediction for today's Wordle answer is correct? With a swish and a flourish, let's shall reveal today's Wordle word before your very eyes.

Today's Wordle answer is: SHOWY.

It's a bit of an unusual word today. Showy is basically another way of saying ostentatious. Not much of a help? Alright: if a person is showy, they're very attention-grabbing, very striking in appearance. They want all eyes to be on them for the time being.

Now that you know the answer to today's Wordle, we ask as always that you quell your baser instincts and refrain from spoiling everyone else's fun by revealing the answer to them without their consent.

If you want to give yourself a stronger starting position for tomorrow's Wordle, we've two useful resources for you. The first is our list of the best Wordle starting words; and the second is our repository of past Wordle answers so you know which words have already been chosen and, therefore, cannot appear again as the answer.

Use our Wordle Solver tool to help you figure out the answer to any Wordle in moments! Just pop your current guesses in the grid and watch the tool instantly give you all the potential answers.

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