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Wordle answer (Tuesday 21 June 2022): Wordle word of the day #367 and hints

Hints and the answer to today's Wordle word

A close-up of part of a Wordle grid. The letters spell "what is the answer".
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Looking for the Wordle answer for Tuesday 21 June 2022? Another day, another Wordle to solve. Or, in the case of this difficult word, another Wordle to stare at blankly while trying to figure out what it could be. That can often be the case, as guessing a 5-letter word in just 6 tries can feel almost impossible at times. There's nothing more satisfying than watching those green tiles light up, though.

If you're struggling with today's Wordle answer, there's no need to despair. We're here to help with three handy hints that should point you in the right direction. If you're just not up to the challenge, you can keed reading to skip down to today's Wordle answer.

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Wordle Tuesday 21 hints

Solving today's Wordle answer alone is an incredible feat, but a little bit of help doesn't count as cheating, right? That's what we like to think, anyway. If you're unsure where to start with today's Wordle answer, you can use our three helpful hints to get on the right path:

  • Today's Wordle answer starts with a "G".
  • This word has two vowels.
  • If you remove the second letter, you'll have the word for a certain screaming animal.
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Today's Wordle answer Tuesday 21

If you're tired of thinking and just want an easy win, that's okay too. Below, you'll find today's Wordle answer and a quick definition just in case you aren't sure what it means.

Today's Wordle answer is: GLOAT.

To gloat simply means to get all smug and start bragging when you win something. Just like you're about to do now that you know today's Wordle answer, I bet. Well, don't go spoiling today's Wordle answer for others while you gloat, as it wouldn't be fair to ruin the puzzle if someone hasn't had chance to play yet. Keep today's Wordle answer a secret until the clock hits midnight, when another 5-letter word will come along to stump us all.

That's it for today's Wordle answer, but you can use the rest of your day to practice your puzzle-solving skills. Check out our list of the best Wordle starting words to prime yourself for tomorrow's puzzle, or take a look at our list of past Wordle answers to make sure you don't waste a guess on a previous Wordle solution.

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