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World Of Warcraft Classic lagged up by DDoS attacks this weekend

A great WoW tradition returns

Continuing to replicate the vintage WoW experience, following over-full servers, World Of Warcraft Classic has now been slammed by blaggards launching denial-of-service attacks. European and American servers were hit by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on Saturday, Blizzard said, resulting in players being disconnected or having trouble connecting in the first place, high latency, and other frustrating issues. Just like the old days! Europe's attacks ended on Saturday night, Blizzard say, while America's got a second wind on Sunday.

Blizzard's European customer service first tweeted they were investigating login issues at 4:03pm on Saturday. By 2:11am on Sunday, they'd declared the attack over. American servers have had a rougher time.

"Some online services continue to be impacted by a series of DDoS attacks which are resulting in high latency and disconnections," the American customer service explained on Saturday. "These disruption effects have been felt by a portion of our players, impacting their gaming experience. Thank you again for your continued patience." Five hours later, they said it was over and servers were back online and running properly.

Then the American servers were hit by another DDoS attack on Sunday. The latest word was that they were continuing "to actively monitor an ongoing DDOS attack against network providers."

I feel great pity for the wizard I saw complaining about starting their day's WoW sesh by conjuring great stacks of ephemeral food and drink, then getting booted, then managing to reconnect and having to reconjure their snacks, then getting booted, and... oh dear.

Christos Reid told us Classic "is more than just a phase." I've managed to stay away myself, as much as I remember grinding through Dustwallow Marsh with weird fondness. If you have returned, will you be sticking with it?

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