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World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands cinematic trailer tours the five new afterlife zones

It's the afterlife after all

No need to check your calendar or your launcher. World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands still launches a week from today on November 23rd. As ya do though, Blizzard have published a new launch cinematic trailer to take a gander at until then. All of the expansion's new zones get some screen time in the flashy view of the afterlife.

There are five new zones, in the Shadowlands and this new cinematic tours through all five of em. Starts out pretty enough in the heavenly-looking Bastion and magical Ardenweald. There's the spookier territories Maldraxxus and Revendreth. Then there's The Maw. That's it up top there. I don't imagine it's a hot afterlife vacation spot. All souls have their place, indeed. Some nicer than others, clearly.

The Shadowlands expansion may not be out for another week, but the pre-expansion patch is out already with some of the changes and updates to set the stage for your adventures through the veil. New character customization options are in as is a new starter zone. Levels have been squished down as well. Blizzard say in their pre-expansion patch notes that a few additional changes (most of them to the companion app, it looks) are coming tomorrow, November 17th.

Christos Reid took a look at the new expansion a while back, saying that it makes WoW interesting again, especially for new players. Levelling is faster, the tutorials are more sensible, and the story doesn't require too much prerequisite knowledge. "That experience feels like a storyline I can actually get my friends to dive into now, rather than a wall of expected knowledge and antiquated onboarding that would quickly dull their excitement," Reid says.

Time to rev your pals up prior to launch day, then. You've got until Shadowlands officially releases on November 23rd.

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